Portable DIY Cardboard Cinema Smartphone Projector

ELEGIANT 8x Zoom Portable DIY Cardboard Cinema Smartphone Mobile Phone Projector for iPhone 6 5s Sumsang (Black)

  • 1. Silicone grip pad to hold Smartphone, fits phones up to a maximum size of 14.5 x 8cm and 5.7 x 3.2 inches (this fits iPhone 6 but not iPhone 6 Plus).
  • 2. Designed to create intimate screenings any time, any place you can set up visuals for a house party, play cartoons for the kids or watch music videos with your friends.
  • 3. No additional power required, the Smartphone Projector makes a fun DIY project, you just need glue or double sided sticky tape and about 10-15 minutes.
  • 4. Quick & easy self assembly/dis-assembly (glue is not included). To reverse a screen on Smartphone, just download an app like Screen Rotation Control or Ultimate Rotation control.
  • 5. Phone brightness must be turned up to 100% and for maximum effectiveness use in a dark room and project onto a smooth white surface



Tetris DIY Constructible Retro Game Style Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Tetris DIY Constructible Retro Game Style Stackable LED Desk Lamp

  • This unique Tetris Constructible Light Lamp is an amazing light with 7 different-colored, interlocking tetromino pieces that can be stacked in any combination
  • There are countless ways the Tetris Light can be stacked, just put your Tetris gaming skills to the test.
  • Seven-piece interlocking light fixture for fans of Tetris, Pieces can be stacked in any combination.
  • Every day can change into different shapes





Pepper the Robot who is able to read and express emotions

The Japanese company SoftBank said today they plan to sell humanoid robots to consumers starting in February. Their $1,900 robot product, called Pepper, will be able to work as baby-sitters, nurses and emergency medical workers and will be able to read and express emotions, as well as learn, according to Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. For the full episode, go to http://twit.tv/tnt1022.

Eye and Head Massager

Breo iDream3 Eye and Head Massager

About the Product

  • 6 major massage elements – intelligent air pressure, vibration, magnetic field, point, heat compression and music
  • Download your own music with built-in mp3 player
  • Wireless controller, see-through visor, lithium battery with AC power charger
  • Newest and patended head massager, modern and clean look